Delta Fitness Dip Bar

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Unlock the full capabilities of the Delta Rack collection with this must have add-on. Dips are proven to be one of the most effective workouts and with the Delta Dip Bar, you will not have to go without! Compatible with all of our 1" racks such as the Wacker Wall Rack and more!

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Product Description

Easily mounted to the upright of our racking systems, the Delta Dip Bar Lite is a great addition to any setup. An invaluable accessory for both a small garage gym and full scale fitness center, the 3x3" Delta Fitness Dip Bar Lite features an ultra sturdy anchoring system thanks to its 1" hardware. 

Incorporating dipping exercises into your regimen can greatly enhance the gymnastic strength and endurance of any athlete. For a low cost, easy installation, and dependable performance, the Delta Fitness Dip Bar is an obvious choice to complement your current Delta Fitness Rig.