About Us


The Beginning

Delta Fitness was founded as the solution to one simple problem: there were a lack of Chicago-based home gym equipment companies. If you live in the Midwest (especially the great city of Chicago), you had almost no options to buy high-quality fitness equipment directly. No more. Delta Fitness founder Greg had the idea to bring high-quality fitness equipment home to Chicago and offer discounts for his neighbors. Simple as that.

Greg grew up, went to school in and lives in Chicago. After building his own home gym in Bridgeport (you guessed it, he is a White Sox fan!), he saw a hole in the market and wanted to be THE home gym fitness company in Chicago for many years to come.

Not from Chicago? Don't worry, your pizza might not be as good as ours, but lucky for you, our equipment all ships for free in the lower 48. We would be happy to chat with you over the phone or email if you have any questions.

The Prototype

The Onyx's Are Born

The Onyx Bumper Plates were what set Delta Fitness on the path we are on. The first two pallets you see here sold quickly and received rave reviews. We not only loved the fact that people wanted our equipment, but also that you wanted to support a Chicago company!

If you were one of the lucky ones to have the Onyx plates when Greg was still selling them out of his car in parking lots after arranging a Facebook Marketplace meetup, we cannot thank you enough for the support!

However, the journey did not stop at bumper plates. 

Bringing Wacker Drive Home To You

Take A Drive Down Wacker

Delta Fitness has made it obvious: we love Chicago. We are Chicago, and we want to represent this city the best we can! What better way to do that than to name our very first wall rack after one of the most famous streets in the city?

The Wacker Wall Rack was the first rack we decided to carry, and it has been the catalyst in our burgeoning success story. The first piece of equipment most of us buy for our home gym is a rack that we build around. Well, we built a company around the Wacker wall rack. Granted, had we known we would be writing this article months down the line, maybe we would have mounted it to the wall first before taking this picture. Next time!

The Here, The Now

Growing With You

Yes - that is one full warehouse! Delta Fitness has seen so much interest in our products that we could not come out with new ones fast enough! So much so that we are bursting at the seams of our warehouse. However, that is a great problem to have!

We have no doubt that just as our team, catalog, and facility have all grown, so will your trust in the Delta Fitness brand. This has been a tremendous ride over the last two years, and we cannot wait to see where it goes from here!

*We also have to legally end this message by saying, don't worry, we are OSHA compliant and Greg was not harmed in the taking of this photo.


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If you run into an issue with a product, we want the chance to make it right! You can find more information on our Warranty policy here and Return information here.


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Chicago's Home Gym Team

Delta Fitness prides itself as being a team comprised of down to earth, Midwest nice Chicagoans. Everyday we celebrate the city and do all we can to make it better. That starts with being a company that not only delivers top level equipment, but that is involved in this community.


Delta Fitness was founded as the solution to one simple problem: there were a lack of Chicago-based home gym equipment companies.

All our products are Engineered in Chicago. Delta Fitness is not here to sell you anything other than a quality product. We stand by all our products with a warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.