Delta Fitness Spotter Arms

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These 24" safety spotter arms are an essential part of any home gym. Not only do these arms protect the lifter, they protect the rack and the barbell in case of a failed lift. Featuring 1" pins that are compatible with The Wacker Wall Rack and others

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Product Description

When it comes to your Delta Fitness Rack, having strong 24” Safety Spotter Arms is essential. These arms not only protect the weightlifter, but also the bar, making them a must-have addition. If you're adding spotter arms to an existing rack, reliability is key - particularly for solo athletes training in a home or garage gym. That's why our Delta spotter arms are crafted from 3x3” 11-gauge steel tubing and feature welded-on end-plates for maximum security. Additionally, our specially designed hitch-pins ensure the spotters stay securely in place. To preserve the knurling of your bars, a UHMW plastic insert is included on top, and the spotters are equipped with 1" hardware and 1" pins.