Delta Fitness Plate-Loaded Leg Curl and Extension Rack Attachment

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Complete your rack with our best selling attachment. An easy to install and use leg curl/extension attachment that pairs great with our Onyx bumper plates

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Product Description

The Rack Mounted Leg Curl and Extensions attachment helps to provide leg strength, balance, and coordination when performing one-leg hamstring curls or seated leg extensions. The attachment features a unique leg roller pad, a square seat pad that adjusts with a turn knob for seated or standing movements, and a quick-mount J-hook style design that easily secures to The Wacker Wall Rack. By mounting to the inside of the power rack, you can utilize the uprights as a stabilizing factor helping with proper form during standing leg curl movements. Reduces the risk in hamstring and knee injuries with the benefit of this versatile plate-loaded rack attachment.

Compatible with all 1" racks